Finding accountants to provide a fixed price accountancy service is not to easy but with the right clients and the right systems we are confident we can do so. All businesses are of course unique and it will take a little discovery time to prepare a package that works for all parties. We are completely flexible on our contracting, for example we are happy to work on an open book basis with a rolling monthly contract. To give an idea of the type of costs involved we have listed below some typical packages.

Fixed Price Packages

Sole Contractor £99pm

Suitable for small businesses or contractor with turnover from £40,000 to £150,000 and minimal monthly transactions.

  • Monthly Payroll – for 1 staff
  • Monthly Cash Based Book Keeping - based on bank statements
  • Quarterly VAT Returns
  • Annual Business Accounts
  • Annual Business Tax
  • Annual Personal Tax
Contractor Plus £129pm

As per the Contractor package for turnover up to £150,000 with 50 transactions per month and up to 3 staff on the payroll

Trader Employer £200pm

The next progression is for businesses up to £150,000 with up to 100 transactions per month and up to 5 staff.

Small Employer £300pm

Suitable for small businesses up to £500,000 and up to £200 transactions. Accounts based on accruals.

  • Monthly Payroll for – Up to 1-5 staff
  • Monthly Accrual Based Book Keeping
  • Quarterly VAT
  • Annual Business Accounts
  • Annual Business Tax
  • Annual Personal Tax for 2 staff 

Adding to the entry level service we will we provide weekly inputs such as:.

  • Accounts Payable Management, such as a detailed payment schedule so the bills can be paid
  • Online Bill Payments we can make the supplier payments direct from your bank account
FD/CFO lite £500pm

The next progression sees us dealing with some of the more complex accounting issues, including:

Invoicing Management

Raising accurate and timely invoices is critical and is a service we can provide. From an accounting perspective we would also ensure revenue recognition rules are followed and ensure that revenue is only recognized when appropriate.

Management Reporting

We will work with you to create a set of reports and key performance indicators to help you deal with issues in the business and make better business decisions.

FD/CFO Advisor £1,000pm

The premium package places us as your key business adviser. To achieve this we would typically add the the following: 

App Integration

Having an efficient set of finace systems and complementary apps will make the business more effecient and reduce our costs. We will work with you to create the optimum architecture to streamline your workflow.

Budget Management

We will help develop and maintain and understand an annual budget. This si a key business activity and a must have for banks and other investors. 

Finance & Strategy Calls

Our commitment will involve regular attendance at key management meetings.