Cloud Accounting Services and Tech

Hiring full time professional finance skills can be the difference between success and failure for startups and small businesses. Most however simply don't have the time or resources to access them. The emergence of new technology in the accounting world is allowing the creation of  a business model that can provide cloud accountancy services and tech at an affordable rate. Our goal is to leverage these finance skills and technologies to provide services and prices that traditional accountancy practices cannot match.

The benefits for the business owner could include:

  • reducing time spent in accounting and financial management
  • receiving timely and accurate financial information for decision-making.
  • helping with strategic planning.
  • providing an experienced sounding board to bounce off ideas.
  • using effective measures of growth and profitability.
  • and of course, improving profitability!

Whats Different?

Ledgers Picture

Over the last few years the accountancy services and software market has shifted dramatically from the desktop into the Cloud. Established suppliers such as Sage and Quickbooks are having to compete with new entrants such as Xero and Zoho. The effect of this has been to simplify processes, improve access to information and reduce the overall cost of the back office.

As well as ledgers based applications, there is another whole community of apps that integrate with them to provide specialist functionality such as expenses, HR, and front of house booking systems.

If implemented correctly this growth in choice and functionality should make life easier for the business owner. One of the benefits is that real time information can be accessed by accountants such as us with the finance skills and tech experience to manage the day to day financial health of the business.

Our approach is to provide you with the right combination finance skills and tech. We will work with you to select and implement the best set of technology and processes and then provide the right level of support from hands on up to strategic advise. See here for more info on Cloud Accounting services

Why Us

Shaun Regan has been implementing financial and key business systems for the last 30 years. A qualified CIMA accountant working in Practice he has led global ERP deployments with SAP and Oracle software and also was the owner director of a successful data management business for 12 years using Sage. More recently Shaun has worked cloud accountancy services and projects using Quickbooks, Xero and Netsuite.

Shaun is supported by a team of CIMA accountants who all bring real world industry experience to our projects.  See here for my story so far!

Tailored Packages

Our approach to pricing is to provide a fixed price per month based on a  set of agreed deliverable's. This can range from month end closure and reporting through to budget management and attending management meetings. We start with a 3-month discovery and clean up phase to set up the deliverable's then convert to a monthly  fixed price engagement. See here for some more info.