Our principal service is the deployment of leading accountancy tech to improve business efficiency. As qualified management accountants we do of course supplement this with the provision of high quality accounting services at a fixed price.  See below for our typical service offerings.

A good definition of bookkeeping is 'the recording of financial transactions'. This is normally from a receipt, invoice or bank statement into a set of ledgers or books. Our objective is to use the latest tech to automate this process to make the accounts as up to date and as accurate as possible.  If you don't want this hassle, we offer a comprehensive online bookkeeping and accounting services. 

Cash Flow Management
The number one measure of success for small businesses is effective cash management.  By using cloud based accountancy services we can keep a constant watch on cashflow management without any additional time or effort.  A direct link to the cloud accounting software allows immediate action if the cash position is worsening . We can help set this up with a daily traffic light report sent to your desktop or mobile.

There are many specialist payroll providers and we are happy to take ownership of managing the payroll and its accounting from you. This can be a real burden for as well as the normal filing and year end returns there is the RTI reporting to deal with.  More recently there are also the obligations associated with Auto-Enrolment legislation.  We can take away this hassle and ensure you avoid penalties.

VAT can be a nasty shock each quarter if not properly budgeted for. We can ensure that your cash forecasts reflect the need to pay impending VAT and also ensure returns are submitted accurately and on time. If you have not registered we can discuss the implications and advise on the appropriate scheme to use.

Company Accounts
If you are a limited company you are required by law to submit annual basis to Companies House for companies from England and Wales. These accounts must meet certain regulations and be prepared in a professional manner to prescribed formats.  The returns are usually due 9 months after your accounting year end. Our accounting services can take care of this for you.

Planning and Forecasting
Spreadsheets can be quite adequate for the preparation of simple plans and budgets. As business becomes more complex the overhead of collecting data and maintaining the model can quickly become onerous and its value diminishes. There are many solutions that integrate with the accounts to aid this process which we can advise you on. 

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
Cloud accounting systems can be extended to include MRP modules. This will allow scheduling of current and future demand for materials and stock with inventory control system. It will use bills of materials and manage standard or customised product and parts lists.  We have implemented several MRP systems and can advise on the implications of embarking on this significant project. 

Supply Chain Management
The cloud, has enabled rapid collection of data in the supply chain from the various parties involved by enabling multiple platforms to work with one another. As a result, businesses can eradicate these former “human” positions in favor a service that performs the same results one an exponentially faster scale. Ultimately, this allows the business to make better decisions on daily activities.  Not a project to undertake lightly however.

Employee Expense Management
Cloud accounting apps take the work out of expenses management with online claims and approvals. Staff use smartphones to create claims online, receipts are captured the camera and matched to claims. You then approve or decline items and schedule payments to the employee.  The benefits of this are obvious but the introduction will need to be carefully managed, this is where our systems implementation experience comes in.